This involves an urgent distribution of dutiable or non dutiable items up to 50% per package (document / parcel) to final destination within a specific period of time.

Finally, as you can see from the above list of services, Wadoye Express Ltd is a one-stop-shop, we Endeavour at all times to cover your requirement. All these services are supported by experienced staff trained in the Wadoye way.

The remarkable achievements of Wadoye Express Ltd has been the result of the consistent delivery of exceptionally high standards of services, and it is appreciated that critical to future success is the continually development and support of customer-focused staff.

The diverse and fiercely competitive cargo industry demands highly developed resources, with particular emphasis on safety, customer service and technical competency, requiring on-going schemes t ensure that staff are both multi-skilled and techniques whilst still complying with international regulations and the industry’s complex technical requirements.

Wadoye Express Ltd training programme, conducted almost entirely in-house, covers every aspect - from basic training to specialist courses in pallet building, handling of goods, load control and load sheet preparation, flight planning, manifest and dozens of others disciplines.

At Wadoye Express Ltd rapid and efficient ramp services help to ensure that the requirements of carriers and shippers are fully met.

With Wadoye Express Ltd comprehensive range of modern handling equipment, efficiency on the ramp. Main deck loaders, with capacities of seven to thirty tons, can be supplemented by cranes to handle outsize and heavy shipments. Subject to detailed security clearance, outsize consignments can be delivered by truck direct to the aircraft.

Our staff also undertake completion of load sheets ,file plans, and provide general operational support services, with the airline. “Comprehensive range of modern handling equipment, efficiently in the warehouse is matched by efficiently on the ramp’’.

Our security for us is enhanced by the presence of our men at the airport, always working in collaboration with the airline and airport authority security networks. A team of specially trained security personnel undertake security at Wadoye Express Ltd, and they have been prepared to ensure that all international requirements and standards are duly met While minimizing any delay to throughput.

At the various points of loading or dispatch, there is always a restricted area entry and exit point, which controls all movements of personnel and vehicles. Staff and visitors alike must present their identification documents and undergo security checks, trucks are loaded and sealed at the bay, and seals are checked at the gate; frequent spot checks are undertaken as well on export cargo and courier items.

Although we have a continuous video surveillance with monitors at our various facilities which go a long way towards complementing the efforts of men on the ground as they take charge from till the consignments depart. Our security is enhanced by the presence of our men at the airport, always working in collaboration with the airline and airport authority security networks. At Wadoye Express Ltd handling facilities, valuable goods are held in secure vaults and storage areas, and additional staff can be deployed to provide additional safeguards for particularly high-value shipments.

Our staff monitor the whole chain, from acceptance of shipments to checking air waybills and preparing documentation.

To fulfill Wadoye Express Ltd role as a major distribution

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