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We have comprehensive up to date first class vessel operators for all our ocean freight services worldwide. Our strategy of cultivating long-term relationship with major shipping line operator means we can offer you regular, reliable links between all the world’s commercial centers.

At Wadoye Express Ltd, goods that do not fill a container are sent as consolidated shipment or less than Container Load (LCL) while goods that fill a container are sent as full container load (FCL). We also offer service on specialist vessels for consignments that are too large or not suitable for container transport.

Wadoye Express Ltd, a major name in the air freight industry, creates efficient and flexible supply chains for customer; we do this by coordinating Air Freight globally through flights operated by leading cargo airlines.

We have extensive experience and reputation as an international air freight transporter. We also offer various Air Freight services, meeting your criteria for transit time, choice of pick-up and delivery options. Wadoye Express Ltd carefully select routes and services based on our experience in risky trans-shipment points and expertly evaluation cost benefits against transit time.

We are an Independent Aviation Organisation in Nigeria, operating ground handling and aviation support to both private and corporate foreign airlines. Our main objective in Aviation industry is to satisfy our clients completely by providing the best services with affordable prices.We have well experienced personnel, who have worked in various airlines and aviation industry for many years with good relationship around the globe.

At Wadoye Express Ltd we provide complete crating and quality packing that gives your valuable goods the best possible protection during transit.

We have experienced staff, all highly trained and licensed to pack dangerous goods.

This involves an urgent distribution of dutiable or non dutiable items up to 50% per package (document / parcel) to final destination within a specific period of time.

Finally, as you can see from the above list of services, Wadoye Express Ltd is a one-stop-shop, we Endeavour at all times to cover your requirement. All these services are supported by experienced staff trained in the Wadoye way.

The remarkable achievements of Wadoye Express Ltd has been the result of the consistent delivery of exceptionally high standards of services, and it is appreciated that critical to future success is the continually development and support of customer-focused staff.

At Wadoye Express Ltd, we also engage in large movement of inland goods from supplier to destination at affordable rate within a designated time.

We have modern trucks all around with communication technology system that give us upper hand to monitor our entire drivers at all time.

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